Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to Thy Word. Psalm 119:9


We now understand that God is wanting us to read and apply the inspired counsels to our daily lives, particularly regarding reforms. We have read the strong appeals for us to HEED the testimonies. This web site is designed to provide you with the tools you need to do just that.

H-E-E-D is an acronym that stands for:

H - Health Reform

E - Education Reform

E - Entertainment Reform

D - Dress Reform

Please note: By focusing on these specific reforms, in no way are we exalting them as the most essential aspects of the Christian life. Without a genuine conversion, and daily commitment, a Spirit-led life, all reforms are utterly worthless in God's sight. To follow external rules without an inward connection with Jesus is legalism and self-righteousness, a deplorable condition! A reformation without a revival is the worst kind of deception. However, a revival without a reformation is not a genuine revival. Revival and reformation must be inseparably linked together.

The reason we focus on these specific reforms is because these are the ones that Satan has been very successful in undermining, diluting and exterminating in the lives of many Seventh-day Adventists. These specific reforms greatly affect our spiritual lives. If we ignore these reforms, we open a door to the enemy, allowing him to come in and bring us into bondage to carnal desires. Compromise with the world has lead to the tearing down of Christian standards, making the Spirit of Prophecy of no account. That is why we can see signs of worldliness throughout our churches.

Therefore, we have instituted a means for education and support for those seeking to follow the Straight Testimony in all its aspects.

The H-E-E-D plan is a weekly instructional/support program which lasts for 4 months. This web site provides a curriculum outline, and basic resources that can be presented to a group of participants. We are seeking godly individuals who have studied out these four topics in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to contribute their material and to help us compile a curriculum.

The local leader of a H-E-E-D group does not need to be highly trained, but only to have a burden to share God's truth with others.

H.E.E.D. group meetings are designed to be held weekly, on the same night of each week, at the same time, for consistency.

The 4 H.E.E.D. topics will cycle through the month, with the first topic addressed on the first week of the month, and so on. When a fifth week occurs in a month, there would be a review of the topics covered thus far.

We invite you to sign up as a H.E.E.D. group leader. As a group leader, the effects of a genuine revival and reformation should be manifested in your life. You should be a diligent student and proponent of the Spirit of Prophecy. You should be an safe example for others to follow.

Here is what H.E.E.D. group leaders would need to do:

Find at least one other like-minded, committed individual who is willing to co-lead, plan and pray with you. Ideally, you may be able to find 3 individuals with a similar burden for revival and reformation, and each one of you can be responsible for leading out on one of the topics. A H.E.E.D. group could actual be started with a nucleus of 2 people. As you learn and grow, and increase in enthusiasm, the Lord will send more participants to join you.

The format of the meeting is variable, as long as you keep in mind the stated purpose of the H.E.E.D. group. Along with your core group, select a day, time, place, and then let others know.

All H.E.E.D. Groups, whether they be in-home groups, prayer-lines, Conference calls, Internet chat, or whatever medium is utilized, would be studying the same topic. There is a 4 month cycle. The starting months are January, May, and September. Here is what the schedule would look like for 4 months:


First week of January, May, September Health Reform, Topic 1
Second week of January, May, September Education Reform, Topic 1
Third week of January , May, September Entertainment Reform, Topic 1
Fourth week of January, May, September Dress Reform, Topic 1
Fifth week of January, May, September (opt) Review of all topics
First week of February, June, October Health Reform, Topic 2
Second week of February, June, October Education Reform, Topic 2
Third week of February, June, October Entertainment Reform, Topic 2
Fourth week of February, June, October Dress Reform, Topic 2
Fifth week of February, June, October (opt) Review of all topics
First week of March, July, November Health Reform, Topic 3
Second week of March, July, November Education Reform, Topic 3
Third week of March, July, November Entertainment Reform, Topic 3
Fourth week of March, July, November Dress Reform, Topic 3
Fifth week of March, July, November (opt) Review of all topics
First week of April, August, December Health Reform, Topic 4
Second week of April, August, December Education Reform, Topic 4
Fourth week of April, August, December Entertainment Reform, Topic 4
Fourth week of April, August, December Dress Reform, Topic 4
Fifth week of April, August, December (opt) Review of all topics


A suggested format of the meeting could include singing, questions and answers, prayer requests, testimonials and a season of prayer, along with the instructional portion. The duration of the weekly meeting should be at least one hour, but could continue for 2 hours or more.

Under these general topics are many other subtopics:

Health Reform

  1. Nutrition - what to eat, what not to eat (Vegan, spices, fats, sugar, refined, additives, organic.)
  2. Digestion principles - When to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, etc.
  3. Beverages - alcohol, caffeine, sodas, water. Drugs, stimulants, harmful habits
  4. Exercise, rest, sunlight, air, trust


Education Reform

  1. Foundation of true education - Word of God. Purpose of true education - Character development, service
  2. Competition, sports, novels, evolution, secular skepticism, novels, psychology, speech
  3. Practical training, career planning, lifestyle education, parenting, early education
  4. Sabbath Reform, worship reform


Entertainment Reform

  1. Music & drama
  2. Media - TV, movies, video games, Internet, novels, magazines
  3. Secular amusements - parties, frivolity, comedies, thrills, excitement
  4. Ideas for wholesome recreation


Dress Reform

  1. Modesty - purity, modesty of demeanor, inward modesty, humility
  2. Simplicity - Adornment, jewelry, make-up, worldliness
  3. Femininity - Gender distinctiveness, womanliness
  4. Healthfulness - Finding radiant beauty by following Health Reform


Please note that this program of instruction and support in heeding the reforms is NOT to take the place of prayer meeting, revival meetings, witnessing classes, prophecy seminars, doctrinal Bible studies, or Sabbath School quarterly lesson studies. In these last days, we must devote more and more time to hearing truth, and less and less time to secular matters. By making a sacrifice and cutting out a personal, social or business activity, you will find time to learn God's true principles.


And take HEED to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. Luke 21:34





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"Take HEED therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness." Luke 11:35

"Study your Bible, HEED the testimonies that God has sent to you and be wise. {SpM 332.5}

"God calls upon His people, who have the light before them in the Word and in the Testimonies, to read and consider, and to take HEED. {2SM 38.1}

"I implore you to HEED the light which God has given, and reform." {4T 503.1}

"Therefore we ought to give the more earnest HEED to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip." Hebrews 2:1